How do I join a turn-up-and-go Big Smoke Walk?

It's easy to join one of my turn-up-and-go walks. Simply turn up at the advertised time and place and pay me at the start of the tour; £10 per person. Have a look at What's On or contact me to see what's coming up.

What about group tours?

Charges for booking a group walk vary depending upon the size and needs of the group. However, there is a minimum charge of £170 and I will ask you for a non-refundable advance deposit of £50. This secures your booking and gets me started on all of the preparations. If you are considering booking a walk, please contact me for a friendly discussion of your requirements and a quote.

I notice that you say something about limiting numbers. What's this all about?

There's no lower limit on numbers; single individuals and couples are fine! Some walks companies regularly take more than 50 people. But Big Smoke Walks are strictly limited to no more than 25 people. This means we can get across roads quickly and safely, and we can fit more comfortably into the narrowest alleys, the tiniest gardens and the cosiest pubs. You can all hear me, and I have the chance to get to know all of you a bit too. It's simply more fun for everyone!

I'm a senior, reasonably fit, but my knees aren't quite what they used to be. How strenuous are the walks?

The City of London covers just over one square mile, but its timeline stretches back almost 2000 years. Consequently, Big Smoke Walks generally cover more history than geography. I regularly guide groups of seniors, including intrepid 80 year olds! Walks do involve being on your feet for most of the duration, however we usually stop for a refreshing break at a comfortable pub or coffee shop midway during the walk. And there are often benches at stops along the way. Walks are paced at a gentle stroll, and wherever possible we avoid steep slopes and long staircases.

What if it rains?

Big Smoke Walks happen whatever the weather, rain or shine. Let's be frank here, nobody comes to London for the weather! Simply bundle up warm, grab your brollies and prepare to experience that world famous London atmosphere!

Contact me to discuss possibilities.



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